I recruit IT professionals for technology startups

I bring candidates in-house within 3 weeks and help optimize budgets
i’m luna
I help startups with hiring staff.

I know how to evaluate
the hard skills of developers on Unity, React and Solidity

Compile the technical task for the candidate
for the vacancy and study everyone carefully

Work from my own database of verified candidates and letters of recommendation

Handle each task individually and thoroughly discuss with you each stage of the project,
the tasks and resources

Know the full cycle
of developing, marketing and launching applications

In the past I worked
as an HR generalist
in a large game dev studio.
I come from a startup

I send the first selection of candidates within 3 days.
In the first week, we plan the first interviews
1 day
Resource the department
7 days
Interviews with the supervisor and employees of a similar position with similar tasks. I clarify the technology stack, task list, resources and candidate profile
Conduct interviews
5 days
I search my databases of developers, designers and marketers, and select additional candidates from Linkedin and Headhunter. Screening. I send out invitations.
Call candidates
I see what is needed
Checking the level of knowledge and skills on the CV. I study soft skills and give a test task to check hard skills.
2 days
Candidate selection
I get in touch with a founder, CEO or team leader.
We investigate the project stage, create a list of tasks and requirements for the candidate. I advise and recommend who you might need at the current stage
I prepare a final database of candidates with notes for the department manager, plan and conduct interviews with the manager.

I don't just give you a list of candidates. I make the person want to work for you and start benefiting the company
1 day
I send the first selection of candidates within 3 days.
In the first week, we plan the first interviews.
If a specialist does not suit you, I will find you a new one within two weeks, free of charge
A GOOD example
A game-dev studio hires a marketer
when project is starting
A BAD example
A game-dev studio hires a marketer a year before release
I hire a project manager to organize the processes, staff the team and get the product ready for release
  • Everything is done in a Telegram chat room.
  • Team members can't coordinate their tasks.
  • Everyone is in a slump.
  • People get tired, tasks get lost, releases don't come out on time
  • There are not enough developers in the project.
  • The team is in overtime, not in time for the deadline
  • A game dev studio hires a marketer a year before release.
  • The marketer is paid at a time when there are no tasks for him to do
He It helps with vision and analysis, but burns out with idleness. After a year, the person had to be fired
I get a Senior UI/UX who works with graphics, knows how to make characters and is ready to take the lead.

The designer will quickly design the application interface and help the 2D artists develop the character system, taking on the role of design lead
  • There is a shortage of 2D artists and interface designers to develop the game
So I add +2 people, not juns, but seniors, to meet the deadline. We bring in +2 people a month before the release.

We manage to deliver the project on time, the team is immediately ready to take on new tasks
No bureaucracy
Fast processes and results
A modern stack
Free corporate culture
Interesting and innovative products
[ 3 ]
  • There are not enough developers in the project.
  • The team is working overtime, everyone is tired.
  • The project is moving at a sluggish pace: everyone is doing something, but there is no common goal or process.
  • The startup's investor wants to stop funding because he sees no progress.
  • Moreover, no team is fully staffed.
We add +2 people, not Juns, but Seniors,
to meet the launch deadline.

We bring in +2 people a month before the release - we manage to roll everything out on time, the team is immediately ready to take on new tasks.
As a result of my analytical HR strategy, a decision is made to recruit a Project manager from a large competitor.

We hired a Project manager and as a result of our work in 0.5 years we increased the staff by 2.5 times and brought the first project to release.
  • The task is to develop a play to earn game with the release of our own token.
  • We need 2 solidity developers: senior and lead, but the budget is tight.
We hire a promising senior solidity developer
who also completes Lead's tasks

The developer not only wrote smart contracts and developed tokenomics, but also saved the company $60,000 in one year.
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